Monday, April 26, 2010

Michael Colby, Michael Lavine and Neva Small Are Available for Interviews

Michael Lavine and Michael Colby are two Jewish men located in the New York metropolitan area. They live musical theatre history and apply what they know to every show.

Michael Lavine is an aggressively sought-after Broadway and Off-Broadway musical director and coach who just happens to be the custodian of the world’s largest collection of musical theatre sheet music.

Michael Colby is an acclaimed lyricist/librettist, musical theatre historian, and performer who, as a young boy, grew up skittering about at knee-level of the iconic authors, songwriters, playwrights, directors and actors that met regularly at his grandparent’s New York hotel--the Algonquin.

But that’s not the whole story.

The story is how these two men connected. How each carved out a successful niche in modern musical theatre. And, how they have come together, again, to pull together the script, music and actors--including Tony nominated Jonathan C. Kaplan and Neva Small, “Chava” from the original film version of “Fiddler on the Roof” among others- to perform in “They Changed Broadway: From Berlin to Bernstein and Beyond”, a one-night only June 13th Tony Award night performance at the Forum Theatre in Metuchen.

For more information about the show visit  or call (732) 548-2238.

To schedule interviews with Michael Colby, Michael Lavine, and Neva Small contact Michael Colby at 732-494-2659; ; or

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